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At Assuria, we only write white papers when we feel that we have something really important to say and it isn't already being discussed in other forums. Generally speaking there is an absolute mass of information available on subjects that are important to Assuria customers and we don't want to add to that mass unnecessarily.

However, there are times when this mass of information can be very misleading and one-sided, or just plain wrong! Of course all vendors are going to promote their approaches to solving their customers' problems and who could argue with that? But, when these so called white papers and other marketing materials give a blatantly one-sided view and do not offer a balanced argument, then we get a little agitated to say the least!

Below, you'll see links to the small number of Assuria white papers that are our attempt to provide this balanced argument. Have a look at the one that discusses the Agent or Agentless case below for example.

Links to White Papers below:


Agent based or agentless scanning - should you have to choose?


Effective Log Formats.


Forensic Soundness of Log Data.


In Syslog We Trust?

For a FREE copy of this must read White Paper on why using Syslog may be seriously compromising SIEM deployments all over the world  - please Click Here





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