The threat from within

Research shows that most IT Security threats emanate from within.

These internal threats won’t be noticed by conventional perimeter IT security solutions because they’re happening deep inside your IT infrastructure, disguised as normal operations.

Chilling isn’t it?

Traditional information security solutions focus on protecting IT systems against attack from outside the perimeter. But, in today’s collaborative and connected world, where there really are no longer clearly defined perimeters, we have to place a great deal of faith in the vigilance and integrity of trusted insiders and partners.

However, while trusting our employees, suppliers and partners, we still have a responsibility to protect sensitive information. Only technology can realistically provide protection in complex technical environments. Assuria solutions provide fundamental protection by gathering and analysing system activity and status data from the whole IT infrastructure, creating actionable security intelligence and by implementing protective monitoring systems to spot suspicious behaviour or accidental security protocol breaches. We call this Trust but Verify!

Assuria’s industry leading cyber security solutions help over 250 government and commercial organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide to sleep easy at night and fulfil statutory obligations to protect their information assets.

Heartwarming isn't it?

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