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At Assuria we have been developing and providing robust, resilient and massively scalable SOC infrastructure technology to major worldwide enterprise organisations since 2010. Our SIEM and Forensic Log management technology is used in SOC operations in North America, South America, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our Vulnerability Assessment technology enables system hardening, audit and compliance services for major organisations in more than 25 countries.

In some cases, our SOC customers provide an internal security monitoring services function for major corporations and in other cases they're external SOC operators providing security monitoring services to numerous individual clients or government departments.

And although you may not have heard of Assuria in this context, the performance, robustness and scalability of our SOC technology is completely verifiable through customer references and our experience is unrivalled.

Assuria Forensic SIEM technology

Our largest SOC customer worldwide is JSOC (Japan Security Operations Centre). Tokyo based JSOC, owned and run by LAC Co. Ltd uses ALM, Assuria's award winning Forensic SIEM technology to enable provision of managed security monitoring services to more than 850 companies and public sector organisations across Japan. JSOC employs more than 60 full time security analysts and processes more than 800 million logs per day. Assuria's SIEM technology provides secure, robust and resilient collection and management of this huge volume of log data.

Crucially, Assuria SIEM technology does not rely on the crude text only log data collection methods used by most SIEM solutions; Assuria ALM uses sophisticated, programmatic collection and management methods to ensure that the information being analysed within a SOC is of the highest integrity, is verifiably complete and unchanged from the original source. This is essential in any valid investigation.

Assuria SOC technology provides more than the information and intelligence needed by SOC analysts, it also provides resilience to network availability issues or system outages within the collection framework to ensure log data cannot be lost and guarantees safe delivery of log data, even when such failures occur.

Assuria SOC Solutions

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