Managed Services


Managed Security Services (MSS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Many mid-sized and even larger companies are struggling to employ or retain skilled IT security specialists within their IT teams and this can severely restrict the value that these organisations might gain from use of Assuria or any other vendor's cyber security solutions, in spite of the ease of use that these solutions offer. And yet, these organisations are facing the same threats to their IT infrastructure as any other and are often subject to the same compliance demands.

Cyber security solutions like those from Assuria deliver a huge amount of essential security intelligence, but making meaningful use of this information and taking informed business decisions requires the skills and experience to properly assimilate the information presented.

To meet this need, we are working with a number of specialist partners to define and launch a range of managed security services and SaaS services so that any organisation can be protected from cyber security threats, without having to acquire solutions or hire expensive and rare security talent.

These services are likely to include:-

  • Forensic log collection, storage and management;
  • Security event monitoring, analysis, reporting and alerting;
  • Configuration audit
  • File integrity monitoring and system baseline change monitoring;
  • Compliance monitoring.
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