Exploitation Services

Assuria Auditor and Assuria Log Manager services

Our product exploitation services range from simple advice and planning, through risk-analysis, solution design and full implementation. In addition, both Assuria Auditor and Assuria Log Manager are highly extensible and customisable, allowing implementation of highly optimised customer solutions. Our range of services include:- 

  • Development of Auditor Checks and Policies;
  • Development of ALM data sources and analyser rules;
  • Product Installation and implementation;
  • Custom feature development;
  • Custom report development.

Development of Checks and Policies (Auditor)

New vulnerability, inventory and patch checks for Assuria Auditor are made available to customers through the monthly Assuria AutoUpdate process. In addition to this, we can develop Assuria Auditor checks and policies to meet specific customer requirements. Where these checks would be of benefit to other customers, they will be developed and delivered to all licensed users via AutoUpdate and normally at no additional cost. Where custom checks have little or no value other than to one organisation, then there may be a cost associated with developing them. Such check and policy development work will be estimated and quoted for by Assuria.


Development of ALM custom data sources and analyser rules.

Assuria Log Manager's architecture is capable of collecting, analysing and managing event and security logs from almost any source. Out of the box, ALM includes support for logs from most industry standard endpoints, servers, network devices and applications. However, new log sources can be added to the standard supported list with relative ease via customised plug-ins. These plug-ins include custom data sources and the associated analyser rules to facilitate report generation.

This service can be delivered in two ways. Firstly, Assuria can develop plug-ins at the request of customers or partners. Secondly, suitably trained partners and customers can develop highly specific plug-ins themselves. In Q2 2011 Assuria launched the ALM Plug-in SDK, which will greatly increases the productivity of ALM plug-in development. Primarily aimed at suitably skilled partners, training in use of the ALM SDK is available on request.  

Recent custom data source developments include plug-ins for a unique customer developed business application and a hybrid physical entry system.     


Custom enhancement requests

At Assuria we are happy to receive customer requests for enhancements and extended functionality to meet specific customer needs. Where such functionality is in line with our general development vision for that product and is likely to benefit other users, these new features will be added to the product Development Roadmap and implemented as soon as it is practical, sometimes within weeks.  Where such functionality is highly specific to a single customer and unlikely to be of value to other customers, then we would still consider implementation of the requested feature, but at a separate cost to the customer.  Such feature development work will be estimated and quotes provided by Assuria. All such development is carried out by Assuria's own internal development team, to our normal high standards.


Product Installation and implementation

Assuria are able to provide a range of consultancy services associated with Assuria Auditor, these could include Assuria product exploitation, integration or other product related services.

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