Compliance Services

 IT Security Standards compliance assessment service

This service has been designed for organisations where there is a current or upcoming need for the IT infrastructure (particularly business servers) to comply with regulatory standards, but where the organisation lacks either the requisite knowledge or resources (or both) to achieve such compliance. While most organisations already have basic security solutions in place such as firewalls, anti-virus, end user authentication systems and others, which are required under most security standards such as ISO27001, PCI DSS and GPG-13, we come across many in which the core business servers (which ultimately hold most sensitive data) have not been assessed or configured anywhere near to the standards required. 


This range of services provide for a layered approach to IT infrastructure compliance, customised to meet the budget and timescales available. Assuria customers in many regions of the world use Assuria Auditor and Assuria Log Manager to assist in achieving compliance to international or internal standards, including large corporate customers with strong internal security and compliance teams and medium sized organisations where internal skills and resources are in short supply.

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