assuria litd - tech support and software
assuria litd - tech support and software

Cyber Security Services offered by Assuria

At Assuria we're obsessed with making sure that our customers are able to fully exploit Assuria solutions, thereby gaining value for money, a greatly enhanced information security posture, better operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

We work closely with our customers and partners to design and implement Assuria exploitation services to fully meet customer and project requirements, whether for specific projects or on-going operations. Our services portfolio includes these services:-

  • General IT security and Compliance (for example helping to build Cyber Defences and comply with industry regulations);

  • Strategy and Planning (e.g. setting appropriate security audit settings and log management strategies);

  • Assuria product specific Exploitation (planning, implementation and customisation of Assuria products).

  • Training (offsite or onsite training in deployment and exploitation of Assuria solutions)

Managed Security Services

In addition to these defined services, we have partners in most countries which are able to deliver a whole range of professional and managed services.

assuria litd - tech support and software
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