CyberSense® Object Scanner

Cybersense Object Scanner powered by Glasswall

CyberSense Object Scanner powered by Glasswall


A brand new derivative of Assuria CyberSense that uses patented Glasswall technology to deliver proven, flexible discovery and protection against Advanced and Persistent Threats (APT) Malware and Zero-day attacks.


Assuria Cybersense Object Scanner powered by Glasswall



File Structure Analysis

Malware Detection

File Based Attack Identification


  1. Deep level file analysis – Glasswall ‘looks for good’ delivering analysis at byte level breaking files down comparing against the manufacturers specification, generating real time statistics on file structure and content.
  2. Policy enforcement - Provides static and real time file management to support policies for standards, audit, governance, compliance & security.
  3. Transformation – Glasswall sanitises a file providing the  administrator with the assurance that: The file output is -defined in advance - is known - and totally secure.
  4. Protection - Regenerates a new output file with only ‘known good’ data, provides unique, non-signature based, protection from advanced and persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day malware attacks.

Cybersense Object Scanner Datasheet



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