CyberSense Ojbect Scanner Key Features

CyberSense Object Scanner powered by Glasswall

  • Glasswall provides the ability to ‘lock the front door’ from APT and zero-day attacks and ensures any file that goes into or resides in your network is safe, managed and compliant
  • Identify file types and threat vectors present at any given end-point, database or in transient files
  • Understands what threat vectors are being used to attack the organisation, where APTs are present
  • Understand the vulnerabilities  resident on existing databases and endpoints
  • Enforce organisational policy by removal of unwanted or superfluous functionality that could be a threat
  • Conduct forensic level analysis of malware attacks for remediation or policy enforcement
  • Maintains business continuity and security by managing policy and allowable content at micro level
  • Storage reduction of circa 20-30% when sanitising superfluous or potentially dangerous data


Glasswall is unique in the market in that it defeats APT and ‘Zero-Day’ attacks delivered in file based traffic.


Our patented product performs a byte-level examination of dynamic or static files and:

  1. Delivers detailed analytics of static and transient file environment
  2. Imposes user defined policy on files
  3. Converts file formats to a ‘known’ and pre-defined standard
  4. Generates a new substitute malware free copy of the file

Cybersense Object Scanner powered by Glasswall delivers control over file software back to the organisation.


Cybersense Object Scanner Datasheet

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