Assuria Auditor Information Manager (AIM)

Easy access to stored system audit information within Assuria Auditor


The Assuria Auditor results database contains vast amounts of system audit information that until now was a hidden goldmine. This resource can now be accessed via AIM – a powerful and easy to use database analysis and reporting feature built in to Assuria Auditor.


AIM provides the following data views:

Changes: Helps monitoring and detection of changes to system baselines.
Patches: Provides information on which patches have already been applied, and which still need to be applied for each host.
Users/Groups: Lists all existing users and the groups of which they are members.
Packages: Lists packages installed on each host.
Standards: Provides a view of all host vulnerabilities, summarised and grouped by applicable Standards.

Assuria Auditor AIM is designed to help monitor and manage the security configuration of managed hosts and is intended for security management and on-going operations use.

Download Assuria Auditor AIM Datasheet Assuria Auditor Datasheet

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