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Apr 26, 2012

Assuria Regional Manager - Brazil

Assuria Ltd Announces New Regional Manager in Brazil

Recognising significant growth potential in the Brazilian Region, Assuria Ltd appoints a new Regional Manager.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil April 13, 2012
Assuria Ltd, a global manufacturer of IT Security and Compliance Automation and Log Management (SIEM) solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Newton Monteiro to the position of Regional Manager with headquarters in Sao Paulo Brazil.
“I couldn’t be more pleased with this announcement,” says Kriss Warner, Vice President America's. “Newton has over 23 years of experience in the industry,” continues Warner. “He has worked at both the manufacturer, distributor and reseller levels of the market and is a proven industry leader.” Newton will be focused on driving new business and funnelling it to Assuria Prime Partners in South America.
"We hit the ground running in the region. Assuria's South American lead generation program already in place for some time means that I get to work with some great partners in the region on new opportunities right away" said Monteiro.
Assuria recognised a while ago the opportunities for Assuria Auditor and Assurla Log Manager in the region. Assuria has been successful in penetrating the region,  but now with Mr. Monteiro and his team working locally, we expect to see dynamic growth.
About Assuria Ltd.
UK based Assuria is a leading cyber security solutions company, with customers in more than 30 countries. Hundreds of major government, defence, financial services and other commercial organisations around the world use Assuria cyber security, compliance and monitoring solutions to maintain control over their IT configurations and to satisfy operational, regulatory and IT security governance requirements.  

To contact Newton Monteiro
Office: +55 11 3473-4212
Cell:     +55 11 9932-7440

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