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Mar 16, 2011

MMA Insurance Selects Assuria Log Manager

MMA Insurance Selects Assuria Log Manager to help meet internal IT governance requirements
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MMA Insurance Selects Assuria Log Manager

Reading, United Kingdom, February 2011 – Assuria Ltd announces that MMA Insurance plc has selected Assuria Log Manager, Assuria’s forensic log management, security intelligence and protective monitoring solution to help meet MMA’s internal IT governance requirements.

“Maintaining good IT governance and managing information security risk is essential for all companies handling sensitive information, but this can be technically challenging and extremely time consuming. Our Assuria Log Manager (ALM) technology has been designed to hugely simplify this task and to assist with ensuring IT security best practice as required by data security standards such as ISO27001 and PCI DSS. ALM not only simplifies this task but it also provides automated log management and deep protective monitoring of the IT infrastructure.” said Terry Pudwell, Director at Assuria Ltd.

“As part of our efforts to meet our targets for ‘good IT governance’, Assuria Log Manager gives us the
ability to collect, secure and analyse logs from disparate sources, thus reducing manual effort and it allows us to better analyse logs for possible security breaches & troubleshooting of problems.“ said Mike Croxford, IS Operations Manager at MMA Insurance. He also added that “Our auditors recommend log analysis as part of their benchmarking process for good IT governance and management of audit log information is often raised as part of the due diligence process by partners.”

Assuria has been very helpful in completing the installation with minimum disruption to normal operations and our automated log management system was up and running within a few days” said Mike Croxford.

“Looking ahead, Assuria’s ALM solution can easily cope with collecting and managing logs from almost any system or device that MMA Insurance might implement in the future, thus providing future proofing and a low risk investment for the company” said Pudwell.

Terry Pudwell added “IT data security standards and best practice guidelines increasingly demand the implementation of protective monitoring frameworks to provide deep intelligence into IT activity. Assuria Log Manager is designed specifically to assist with compliance to these standards, including the demanding GPG13 guide for Government agencies”. “At Assuria, we are delighted that an important general insurer like MMA Insurance has recognised the technical strengths, future proofing and cost effectiveness of Assuria solutions and the ability of Assuria solutions to meet the company’s IT security compliance requirements in the shortest possible time”.

About MMA Insurance plc
One of the UK’s leading broker-only general insurers, MMA Insurance plc is a wholly owned subsidiary of French multi-national insurer, MMA IARD Assurances Mutuelles, which was set up over 180 years ago. It is part of Europe’s leading provider of Household and Motor insurance, Covéa Group. MMA has traded in the UK for over 50 years and enjoys an impressive track record of financial stability, emphasised by a robust Standard & Poor’s credit rating (A Stable).

About Assuria Ltd.
UK based Assuria is a leading cyber security solutions company, with customers in more than 30 countries. Hundreds of major government, defence, financial services and other commercial organisations around the world use Assuria cyber security, compliance and monitoring solutions to maintain control over their IT configurations and to satisfy operational, regulatory and IT security requirements.


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