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Deep-Secure XML Guard protecting ALM

Deep-Secure XML Guard protecting Assuria Log Manager

Deep-Secure’s XML Guard is the ultimate high assurance network security guard. It allows business information to be passed between networks that would otherwise have to remain disconnected because the security risks are too high.

Deep Secure are Strategic partners to Assuria

The Deep-Secure XML Guard, a deceptively simple-looking little red box, offers businesses unparalleled security and protection from known and unknown forms of cyber attack. The software in the new Deep-Secure XML Guard protects companies not by trying to look for viruses or removing malicious code that can be hidden within normal business data but by extracting the business data and sending it on its way in a safe and trusted format.

Deep-Secure’s XML Guard is the ultimate high assurance network security guard

An example of the application of a Deep-Secure XML Guard is to protect a log management system such as Assuria’s Assuria Log Manager.

In this scenario the ALM system could be installed for a managed service provider, a Security Operations Centre (SOC) or an in-house system but where logs are collected from untrusted sources. Alternatively the XML Guard could be used where the source systems have sensitive and or confidential information within the audit logs.

In these situations it may be necessary to sanitise the log data to remove sensitive or confidential information contained within the logs such as files names, user names, IP addresses, credit card numbers or personal information. The Deep-Secure XML Guard performs this sanitisation according to the configured policy.

How to move logs from untrusted to trusted networks using ALM and Deep Secure XML Guard


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