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Deep-Secure Guard and ALM

Deep-Secure Guard and Assuria Log Manager

The Deep-Secure XML Guard enforces the constraints necessary to protect XML applications, combats XML-borne targeted cyber-attacks and guards against data leakage and exfiltration.

Deep Secure are Strategic partners to Assuria

Assuria Log Manager (ALM) ensures the integrity and continuity of audit log data by collecting the audit logs from enterprise-wide systems into a central point, in a secure and forensically sound way. Once securely stored and protected the logs are used for analysis, reporting and, if required forensic investigation.

Assuria Log Manager reconfiguring Deep Secure Guard policy

Deep-Secure Mail Guard audit log collection and policy reconfiguration

A Deep-Secure Mail Guard is protecting email traffic allowing only those emails permitted by the Guard policy to pass through.

The Deep-Secure Mail Guard audit logs are being collected by Assuria Log Manager. Assuria Log Manager is also collecting logs from other sources within the installation. ALM is analysing and correlating the events from the collected logs. Analysed and or correlated events may generate alerts or even reconfigure the Mail Guard policy.

For example: The ALM analysis of the logs identifies that the guard has blocked an email based on the sensitivity of its contents. It then reconfigures the guard to prevent the sender from sending any further emails until the incident has been reviewed. ALM provides a report on this activity to facilitate the review.

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