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ALM Log Processing and Storage

Log Processing and storage with ALM

Assuria Log Manager (ALM) processing components, starting with the Store as populated by the Collector[s] with received log data. Processing falls into three categories:

Subscribers process new data as they arrive:

  • The Analyser normalises and filters events, generating alerts and putting interesting events into the ALM database.
  • The Exporter exports data in a variety of formats to external systems (e.g. another ALM system or a third-party system).
  • The Correlator links related events together. It uses the Analyser’s normalisation framework.

Processing logs with ALM

On-demand access to data:

The Searcher provides on-demand web search engine style querying of the collected logs.


The Archiver manages the transfer of logs onto secondary storage (and back again) depending on the customer’s data retention requirements.

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