As an independent, privately owned technology company our business philosophy is based on clear goals:
  • Producing world class, value for money software that over delivers on customer benefits
  • Delivering highest quality levels of service and support
  • Being second to none in responsiveness to customer requirements and feature requests
  • Delivering regular product maintenance releases
  • Ensuring forwards compatibility and investment protection for all Assuria customers
  • Utilising Best Practice in product design, development and validation
  • Working in close partnership with our customers and industry partners
  • Observing industry best practice in product End-Of-Life processes
  • Operating with integrity at all times

As a partner to and recipient of investment from BAE Systems, Assuria acknowledges and respects BAE Systems' industry leading codes of conduct and ethical business practices. 

Assuria is committed, in all activities, to professionalism, integrity and quality.

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