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CyberSight Security Data Analytics

CyberSight is Assuria's new SIEM Big Data security analytics solution, which is tightly integrated with ALM and is an optional additional module.
Assuria Log Manager provides full SIEM functionality, including powerful and automated rules based analytics using built-in security controls such as those developed by UK Government as the GPG-13 guidelines and meets most SOC and Protective Monitoring needs. However, where additional deep dive investigative search features are required, CyberSight uses big data analytics functionality to allow huge scale and deep investigative features.
CyberSight ingests enriched event data from ALM, populating a MongoDB instance and providing exceptionally powerful and flexible big data search functionality. 
Force Directed Graphs:  Explore your data connections for suspect patterns
Statistical Analysis:  Investigate using threshold and outlyer analysis
Time Analysis:  Use hierarchical sunburst analysis to explore data over time
Textual Search:  Search events using free text or regular expressions
Assuria CyberSight is due for general release by the end of May 2017 and is available now in Beta form for existing ALM customers. For more information, please contact us at: info@assuria.com
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