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About Us

Assuria provides trusted software solutions and managed security services (MSS) that power Security Operations Centres (SOCs), IT Protective Monitoring services and IT Assurance services worldwide.

Developed in the UK, Assuria technology is used in demanding, highly classified Government environments in the UK, US, Far East Asia and other regions, and equally, is meeting the cyber security needs of commercial and public sector organisations from SME's to large enterprises in almost every business sector.

Our packaged software and SaaS managed security service solutions provide security monitoring, vulnerability management and configuration assurance in hosted data centres, on-premise data centres and in the Public Cloud.

Our next generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology collects and processes security event logs and security data from across the whole IT estate, whether on-premise or in the cloud and creates the security intelligence needed to assess threats and to counter them. Our many SOC and Protective Monitoring customers include one of the largest public SOCs in Asia, internal security monitoring operations within major banks and government departments in North America, South America, Middle East and Asia and numerous UK GPG13 PSN connection and secure government projects up to IL5 level.

Our configuration assurance and vulnerability management technology assesses IT systems configurations, patch states and risk levels, allowing our hundreds of commercial and government customers worldwide to harden servers, remove vulnerabilities, assess compliance to standards, strengthen security controls and monitor changes to system configurations. These solutions also allow in-depth examination of files (e.g. PDF documents and images) for undesirable or threatening content and to transform those files by removing unwanted content.

Assuria solutions cover the following disciplines:-

  • Public Cloud Security Monitoring
  • Security Operations Centres (SOC)
  • Security Information & Event Monitoring (SIEM)
  • Forensic Log Management
  • Protective Monitoring: GPG 13 Compliance
  • Network Traffic Monitoring (Software Network Tap)
  • File Content Analysis & Remediation
  • Configuration Assurance and Change Monitoring
  • International Standards Compliance

Assuria CCTM accredited Cyber Security software solutions deliver critical IT security intelligence to the people tasked with making strategic security decisions and initiating remedial actions in hundreds of government and commercial organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide.


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